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    Visual Trace Spec provides the power of a word processor and a spreadsheet with database to effectively track requirements and specify systems. Its unique set of analysis and reporting tools makes it the most affordable, cutting-edge, lifecycle management application for software/systems development on the market today.



Advanced Requirements Management Tool

Visual Trace Spec is a requirements management solution that provides unique tools for requirements specification, tracking and visual tracebility analysis. It is a scalable solution, which can provide a collaborative environment that allows sharing of common pool of project information among team members and across projects.  The requirements can be tracked through design and testing.

Visual Trace Spec is not only affordable but also a powerful and quick to install tool.  It enables you to manage the scope of each project you are handling by organizing the requirements and related lifecycle artifacts. Visual Trace Spec simplifies your requirements management and allows you to control projects effectively in a multi-user environment.


Say Goodbye to Word Processors and Spreadsheets

Visual Trace Spec simplifies requirements management and tracking by identifying requirements automatically and tracking requirement details using custom and standard attributes. It also enables you to create system graphical models and hierarchical specifications with built-in diagramming tools.


Visually Build Traceability Relationships

With Visual Trace Spec, traceability is no longer a complex task. Visual Trace Spec provides a powerful set of traceability tools, which allows you to perform a number of requirement management tasks graphically. For example you can visually create traceability relations among different project requirements besides generating amazing requirements graphs for your customers. Visual Trace Spec also allows you to generate a traceability matrix using a unique traceability tree view tool that enables you to determine how changing requirements affect the software and systems development process. You can also perform gap analysis using traceability tools.


Interface with Other Tools

Visual Trace Spec provides powerful import and export tools. You can import requirements from existing documents, edit requirements offline in a spreadsheet and word processor, reconcile changes with your database, and interface with other web tools and software applications.


Effortlessly generate documents and reports

Automatically generate your specification documents in pdf or rtf format with a table of contents. Besides it allows you to sort, group, and custom filter requirements for analysis, and generate graphical analysis reports. It enables you to easily export data into spread sheets or MS Access database for customizing reporting and analyzing.


Control and Manage your Projects

Control your projects with built-in release management and configuration management tools. With Visual Trace Spec you can mange workflow in multi-user environment with built-in functionality and easily control user access using User groups. It provides powerful automatic concurrency control in a multi-user environment. Effortlessly reuse project information across several projects using projects templates and also share requirements across several projects.

Is Visual Trace Spec for You?

Visual Trace Spec was created for practical people who want a complete solution that combines effectiveness with affordability. It is ideal for any of the following industries:

  • Software Development
  • Embedded Systems
  • Systems Development
  • Product Development
  • Devices

Now, you can migrate from a Document-Centric Process to a Database-Centric Process in a heartbeat with a truly effective lifecycle management solution for software/systems development.

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