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Complete Lifecycle Management

Use Visual Trace Spec to develop and release products. Capture customers’ requirements, use cases, user stories, backlogs, test cases, bugs, and more for ongoing and post-release project management.

Interface With Multiple Tools

Easily interface with other lifecycle tools and automate import/export processes and use the built-in import tools for Word, Excel, XML, and more.

Specifications Become Simpler

Specify systems with users’ stories, use cases, and lists of hierarchical requirements. Specifications can also include embedded objects (RTF fragments, such as formatted text, tables, and images).

Requirements Tracking

Enjoy the combined power of a word processor and a spreadsheet. Use Views/Attributes to easily track requirements, reporting, and management.

Change Management

Simplify your development process with integrated automatic history tracking and baselining features for projects’ artifacts.

Document Generation

Quickly and automatically generate specification documents and detailed reports.

Award-Winning Traceability

Rely on award-winning analysis tools that provide visual and tabular traceability. A matrix displays the complex relationships between requirements and artifacts (user stories, use cases, design elements, test cases, issues, project documents). Automatically generate traceability, gap, and impact-analysis reports.

Simple and Easy-to-Use Tool

Visual Trace Spec is a simple, easy-to-use tool with a short learning curve. The ease of administration and configuration of the program makes adoption of the tool for your projects smooth and rapid. It does not cause the initial project delays that are normally associated with complex tools, yet it provides powerful and effective support for full life-cycle systems and software development management.

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Is Visual Trace Spec for You?

Visual Trace Spec was created for practical people who want a complete solution that combines effectiveness with affordability. It is ideal for any of the following industries:

  • Software Development
  • Embedded Systems
  • Systems Development
  • Product Development
  • Devices

Now, you can migrate from a Document-Centric Process to a Database-Centric Process in a heartbeat with a truly effective lifecycle management solution for software/systems development.

requirements management for embedded systems

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