Doc Sheets

Intuitive and Powerful Requirements Tool

What is Doc Sheets?

Doc Sheets is amazingly simple and powerful tool to manage your requirements and product artifacts. It provides the combined power of word processor and spread sheet applications. It is extremely easy to learn and use tool that virtually requires no training.

Doc Sheets is an effective comprehensive lifecycle solution for:

  •     Developing software, systems, embedded systems, medical devices, apps, and more.
  •     All stakeholders (e.g., systems/software engineers, business analysts, project managers).

What are deployment options?

Browser Edition

You can work from anywhere and on any device (PC, Mac, iPad or other tablets) using Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc. This does not require any client software installation.

These options are available as software as a service (SaaS) solution.

Native Edition

This option requires client (Windows) software installation on user’s machine.

These options are available as self-hosting.

This Users Guide is designed to help you get the most out Doc Sheet’s capabilities. It explains essential features that you will use often and provides easy-to-follow instructions.


If you use browser edition, there is no need to install anything on the client machine. If you use native edition, you need to install client program on each machine.

Technical Details

Integrated environment 

Your process can become simplified and time saving with Doc Sheets’ integrated set of tools, including automatic change management, traceability, and analysis tools. 


Doc Sheets includes 64-bit database servers to scale with your organization’s needs – from 1 to 1,000s of concurrent users. The server can also store virtually unlimited numbers of projects and related documents in Doc Sheets’ central database, which is expandable to many terabytes (TBs).

Multi-Site/Multi-Time Zone Support

With Doc Sheets, globally dispersed teams may collaborate via a central repository and also access data in real-time through a high-performance client. The Repository stores data per the standard UTC Time zone, but it automatically converts stored data/documents times to each user’s local geographic time zone.


Doc Sheets provides several features to secure your system: Active Directory validation; Encryption for data transmission; specification of password length and other parameters; auto-reset password after a specified number of days; and a user activity log.