Simplify your Requirements Management Process

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Specify, Analyze, Verify and Validate Your Systems


Take your requirements and lifecycle management efficiency to the next level.

Visual Trace Spec is a new kind of lifecycle management tool. With it, you can manage any project artifact with complete traceability.  Project artifacts can include Requirements, Test Cases, Use Cases, Issues, Bugs, Tasks and any other.

Specify and Manage Requirements with Trace Graph

Projects that are not effectively tracked are difficult to control and manage. When a project is not under control, risk identification and management becomes increasingly difficult and can lead to scope creep, scheduling conflicts, and budget overruns. Effective tracking ensures every project is progressing as planned to meet schedule, cost, and quality goals.

  • Automatic identification of requirements.
  • Easy generation of requirements documents.
  • Simple analysis of requirements.
  • Intuitive filters and attributes customization.
  • Storage of complex objects that can be linked to requirements in a powerful repository.
  • Ease of requirements reuse across projects.
  • User-controlled access at the requirements level and with requirements groups.
  • Shared environment for working collaboratively on requirements.
  • Trace requirements to design, test cases, project plans and other project artifacts.
requirements management tool

Verify and Validate your Products

As technology progresses, so do the customer’s expectations for bug-free, fully functional software. Visual Trace Spec makes it easy for users to implement efficient and effective software testing, thereby guaranteeing the quality and value of the final product for customers.

With Visual Trace Spec, users can easily trace test cases or test steps to requirements and other artifacts. Our traceability feature enables users to easily identify the impact of requirement changes on test cases and/or test steps.

Visual Trace Spec also provides a unique feature for links that can have user-defined attributes. For example, using links, we can easily determine the following:

  • All test conditions for a given feature
  • All failed test cases for a given feature
  • All features with no executed test cases

These results can be viewed in both graphical- and grid-based (matrix) formats.

Other useful Visual Trace Spec features for the test-tracking process include automatic versioning of test cases and relationships, notifications, and easy reporting.

test case management

Interface with Other Tools

Visual Trace Spec streamlines systems development and makes it trouble-free:

  • Import requirements from existing documents (WORD, XML, XLS, text, and HTML formats)
  • Edit requirements offline in a spreadsheet or word processor
  • Reconcile changes with your database
  • Interface with other web tools and software applications:
    • With the export/import utilities and/or
    • Visual Trace Spec API
requirements management

Make Change & Configuration Management a Snap

Do your clients keep changing their minds? Visual Trace Spec takes the worry out of tracking development history and determining the impact of changes to requirements through effective features for managing changes:

  • Lock/unlock capabilities to prevent unauthorized changes
  • Automatic versioning
  • History reporting
  • Rollback capabilities to access previous versions
  • Baselining of all project artifacts
  • Auditing attribute changes

Effortlessly Generate Documents & Analysis Reports

Auto-generate reports and documents

Visual Trace Spec stores individual requirements along with links to other system components and descriptive attributes. It also provides a full-feature query facility that uses these links and attributes. The result is a reporting system that is exceptional in its scope and power.

  • All data display grids in Visual Trace Spec (such as requirements) use a fully-configurable standard reporting tool.
  • Standard reports for tabular data, requirements with/without attributes, projects, and objects.
  • Pie and bar charts by priority, status, release and source.
  • Requirements history reports.
  • Baseline comparison and difference report
requirements document generation

Solve your Traceability Problems Forever!

Visual Trace Spec’s rich traceability tools establish links (parent-child, peer-to-peer and bi-directional) among requirements as well as with other project artifacts. Our traceability matrix offers a wide range of benefits, including change-impact analysis, gap analysis and the ability to track requirements through design and testing.

Visual Trace Spec is the only tool on the market that provides the following unique traceability tools:

Trace/Impact Graphs: For establishing links graphically, and traceability, gap and impact analysis.

Multi-level Trace Grids: For complete bi-directional traceability, gap and impact analysis.

Link Type Views: For managing relationships types and relationships attributes.


Collaborate Effectively

  • Centralized shared repository
  • Send auto and manual notifications
  • Manage discussion threads for each item
  • Concurrency control in multi-user environment
  • Access control by user groups