Doc Sheets Features

Say Good Bye to Word Processors, Spread Sheets and Complex Tools!

Doc Sheets provides effective requirements tracking, simple importing, exporting, and baselining. And a traceability matrix to easily show the impact of changing requirements on the system and process as a whole. Customization of Doc Sheets is very straightforward.

Doc Sheets Key Capabilities

  • Work Items
    Doc Sheets provides the power of both a word processor and a spreadsheet to track items effectively.  
  • Traceability
    Doc Sheets provides a rich array of tools to evaluate the completeness and correctness of the requirement model. 
  • Baselining
    Doc Sheets has a built-in baselining feature for baselining project artifacts.
  • Collaboration
    Bring team members together from many locations with Web-enabled workflow and configuration management.
  • Customization
    With Doc Sheets, every aspect is customizable and reusable with templates.
  • Files & Documents
    Any item in Doc Sheets can be attached to files or documents, which can be stored and shared with team members in a fully-featured document/file management system.

Work Items

  • Manage items in sheets.
  • Automatic identification of items.
  • User-defined numbering of items.
  • Work collaboratively and concurrently on your projects without update conflicts.
  • Track items and record additional information about them using standard and custom attributes.
  • Effortlessly generate documents and reports with user-friendly analysis tools.
  • Link requirements to other items.
  • Store complex objects that can be linked to requirements in a powerful repository.
  • Control access at items level and sheets level.
  • Import data from Excel files.
  • Export data to various formats ( xlsx, docx, html and json).


Directly Work with Traceability Relationships

With Doc Sheets, traceability is no longer a complex task. Doc Sheets allows directly adding (and deleting) items in the tractability module. You can generate gap and traceability reports.

  • Establish links (parent-child, peer-to-peer and bi-directional) among items as well as with other project artifacts.
  • Add/update items directly in the Traceability module.
  • Move and rearrange items by Drag & Drop.
  • Define and set link types (relationship types) for links.
  • Attach documents, diagrams, and external files to items.
  • Find dangling items (not linked to other requirements or test cases) with ease.
  • Apply grid filters for traceability, impact, and gap analysis.
  • Export the trace and gap reports in document and spreadsheet formats.

Make Change & Configuration Management A Snap 

Are your clients making constant changes to your project? No worries…Doc Sheetstakes the worry out of tracking development history and determining the domino effect of changes to requirements and related documents. It’s automatic; no additional steps are needed. Manage changes with ease using Doc Sheets: 

  • Automatic concurrency control
  • Lock/unlock to prevent unauthorized changes 
  • Automatic versioning 
  • History reports 
  • Rollback to previous versions 
  • Inactivate, activate, delete, undelete, and purge functions 
  • Easily baseline all project artifacts

Effective baselining is vital for efficient and thorough change management.  Clear and thorough baseline practices provide a way to compare changes and improvements and clearly understand the consequences of specific strategies and actions.  With clear and established baselines, users can anticipate potential problems, define requirements for the future, and establish a plan that will lead to positive and long-lasting results.

  • The ability to baseline items. 
  • The ability to compare baselines.


Doc Sheets stores individual requirements along with links to other system components and descriptive attributes.  It also provides a full feature query facility that uses these links and attributes.  The result is a reporting system that is exceptional in its scope and power. 

  • All data display grids in Doc Sheets, such as Requirements, use a standard reporting tool that is fully configurable.
  • Standard reports for tabular data, requirements with or without attributes, projects, and Objects.
  • Requirement history reports.
  • Baseline comparison and difference reports.

Customizable and Reuse

Fully customizable and easy to reuse

With Doc Sheets, every aspect is customizable. Customization is very straightforward. Doc Sheets enables the creation of custom artifacts, user-defined attributes, user-defined prefix numbering, and custom link types. Custom definitions can be reused with custom templates. The user interface is also customizable and easy to use.

Project Templates

Doc Sheets allows users to reuse project settings from one project to another.  This feature allows any project to be saved as a template to assist in developing future projects.

Files & Documents

Manage your Project Files and Documents Seamlessly from Central Repository

Doc Sheets provides a central repository to seamlessly manage your project files and documents along with your requirements and enables automatic versioning of files.

SaaS & Self Hosting options

Doc Sheets can be used with flexible options: SaaS and Self Hosting (browser edition or native edition). Use SaaS or Browser edition to work from any device (PC, Mac, iPad, and more) from any geographic location.

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