Unique Requirements Specification & Traceability Software

Full Impact and Gap Analysis Support

Traceability – Feature Highlights

 Visual Trace Spec is only tool on the market that provides the following unique traceability tools:

Trace/Impact Graphs: For establishing links graphically, and traceability, gap and impact analysis.

Multi-level Trace Grids: For complete bi-directional traceability, gap and impact analysis.

Link Type Views: For managing relationships types and relationships attributes.


Trace/Impact Graphs

Trace Graph allows you to perform a number of requirements management and life cycle management tasks graphically:

  • View items in a single or multiple trees.
  • Establish links (parent-child, peer-to-peer and bi-directional) graphically among requirements as well as with other project artifacts.
  • Display all links associated with a single selected node for a broader scope of what’s going on in the project.
  • Auto generate Impact Graphs (for directly OR directly and indirectly impacted items).
  • Identify and clear suspect relationships.
  • Add/update items directly in the Trace Graph module.
  • Optionally, set link types (relationship types) and link attributes.
  • Attach documents, diagrams and external files to Graph items.
  • Search items in the Graph.
  • Move and rearrange items by Drag & Drop.
Requirements Traceability Software

Multi-level Trace Grids

Multi-level Trace Grids enable you to:

  • Display traceability relationships amongst items (requirements, use cases, test cases, test steps, etc.), diagrams and associated files.
  • View traceability relationships in forward and backward directions. For example, you may display requirements linked to test cases (forward traceability) OR test cases linked to requirements (backward traceability).
  • Identify (quickly and easily) the impact of requirements changes on the whole system.
  • Find dangling requirements (not linked to other requirements or test cases) with ease.
  • Leverage Boolean logic to identify complex relationships between requirements and other system components.
  • Apply Grid filters for traceability, impact and gap analysis.
  • Identify and clear suspect relationships.
  • Export the Trace reports (Items with Trace Links, Items without Trace Links, and All Items) in document and spreadsheet formats.