• You No Longer Need to Generate Documents for Reviews

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Goda Software’s Trace Spec Reader app is useful for providing project stakeholders with read only access to specifications for seamless collaboration.


Real-time Collaboration with External Customers

Multiple project stakeholders including customers can participate in discussions, comments, and reviews.

Discussion Threads: Enables your customers to participate in discussion threads.

Auto Tracking: Automatically attaches reviews, comments and discussions to specifications.

All In One Place: Provides the simplicity of having all of your projects’ messages, and related threads, viewable in one place.

 Requirements Specification and Reader


Real-time Access to Specifications

Trace Spec Reader allows your customers to review specifications in real time.

Easy to Learn: This intuitive tool is easy to learn. A small quick-reference document is provided for your customers.

Easy to Navigate: Users may use trees to navigate through a large set of specifications (including parent-child relationships). In addition, users can view specification items’ related information (e.g., attachments, links and comments).

Advanced Search: Your customers can easily find information by using quick search and advanced analysis (filtering, grouping and sorting) functions.

Trace Spec reader