Customization & User Interface

Meta Model

Visual Trace Spec is fully customizable to meet  your needs.


Visual Trace Spec provides a standard template for readily working with requirements, test cases, change requests and more. You will be able to create unlimited number of custom artifacts to meet your unique needs. Some of the features for defining and managing artifacts are:

  • Unlimited number of Views
  • Unlimited number of attributes for Views
  • Master-detail relationships between Views
  • Relationship Types and Relationship attributes

You may reuse the custom artifacts by saving them as  custom template.


  • Share items across projects.
  • Clone copies of your artifacts.
  • Reduce duplication of effort.
requirements model

User Interface

Visual Trace Spec is a feature rich and easy to use software.

  • Tabbed interface for easily accessing multiple modules. Rearrange the Tabs as per your preferences.
  • Message center for managing manual and automatic notifications, and all projects’ discussions.
  • Special specifications editors (textual and graphical) for effectively specifying systems.
  • Diagrams editors to supplement textual specifications.
  • Reports module for generating reports and documents with pre-defined and custom templates.
  • Traceability module for visual and multi-level traceability analysis. Graphical display of your process model.
  • Customizable skins and fonts for interface personalization.


requirements management tool